Saturday, August 4, 2012

Website Conversion Secrets - What You Need To Know

Understanding conversions is essential to your success with your online business today. Let's now begin to educate you in regard to this topic which many people don't know that much about. So when a visitor actually takes action, this can be referred to as a conversion. Every webpage that you have, you need to have the desired goal for the visitors to accomplish. So instead of being there, you can build your webpage to motivate people to take certain actions. Once you know this, you can influence and control people much more easily. But before you can enjoy that, you have to learn how it's done and also why it works. Many people use analytics to track the results. This is something you also need to do. If you don't have analytics, then you need to check your web logs to see exactly what type of activity is occurring. You never want to admit that you are using raw server logs. This type of tracking is out of date at best. There are many analytics programs available, and you should find out what's best for you. Using the free Google Analytics program is not something you should use if you have the money to avoid it. You really need to use something other than Google Analytics, and certainly don't use it because of its name-brand recognition. Information on server logs is still very useful so don't overlook this information. There is a more advanced type of conversion boosting, a method that involves writing content for specific people. Businesses, especially successful ones, tend to target a certain audience in order to get results. Your target niche market - this is what it is often referred to as. Connecting with your audience, communicating with them in a personal manner, is what you need to do with your content and messages. Bonding with your targeted audience can only happen, however, if you know them very deeply. Essentially, you need to connect with them, not leaving anyone out in the cold. Essentially, you are trying to connect with your audience after researching exactly who they are, what they are looking for, and writing content that they can connect with. Most discussions about optimizing your conversions revolve around the mechanics of how to do it. This is fine and it makes absolute sense because the process itself is typically a complex one. But there's also a psychological component that will probably come up, too. Many businesses are afraid of tinkering with their pages and existing traffic and conversions. The vital thing to understand is that you may or may not experience a decrease in your current conversion rates. Until you actually do something, though, you have no way of knowing what will happen. It does, however, take quite a lot of courage and vision to understand that putting what you've learned to work is the best way to actually raise your current rates of conversion. It's true that you might have to take a hit from time to time but what it all boils down to is higher income in the end. Conversion testing methods will work, but only if you have enough traffic to provide you with the results you need. Without enough traffic, you will not have any statistical relevance to speak of in regard to your testing. If you get test results, you have to be able to interpret what you receive. If you can muster 100 unique visitors a day, then your data will probably be relatively accurate. If it helps you at all, every highly successful person started from the same place as you. I know exactly where you are coming from, and I talk about that at more info, and you will find answers to important questions that have been nagging you. Now that you have a little insight into your issues, you can feel better about learning more. This is all part of the IM learning curve, but take heart because you are on the right track. In order to start separating the wheat from the chaff, all you have to do now is hop on over to 500 Scrapbooking Sketches.

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